Fix It

The music video of the single "Fix It" was shoot on Vashon Island, WA, by Hemlock Productions.

No Justice

A strong video for the song No Justice where Clinton is writing about police brutalities.  



New video for the song Waiting, extract fromthe upcoming album This Morning (Sept 2016).

Done in Camargue, France, by Bernard Benant assisted by Florent Larriven.

Wagram/Chapter Two/Boogie Brown Productions


Poor Nana

Brand new video for the song Poor Nana, extract of Goodness album.

Done in L.A. in September by Xavier de Nauw / HK Corp.

Production Wagram/Chapter Two/Boogie Brown Prod.


Come By Yah

Clinton Fearon and Boogie Brown Band sold out at La Grange a Musique in Creil, France (10/16/2014)


Clinton Fearon and Boogie Brown Band presenting Goodness @ Babel Med festival in Marseille, France (3/22/2014)

Let Jah Be Praised

Let Jah Be Praised in solo acoustic to present the album Heart And Soul (2012).

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