What A System

What A System is a double album with an additional dub wize mixed by Scientist.


Released in 1999.  


  1. Rock Your Bones
  2. What A System
  3. Raised In The Jungle
  4. Chatty Chatty Mouth
  5. Rocky Road
  6. Bucky Massa
  7. One Destiny
  8. Another Day
  9. Feelin'
  10. Sing Your Song
  11. We Shall Overcome
  12. Never Get Burn


All the lyrics of "What A System"
Clinton Fearon_WHAT A SYSTEM_lyrics.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [296.5 KB]


All songs written and composed by Clinton Fearon

Recorded: GBU, Seattle, WA – John Horn

Peacemaker Studio, Vancouver, BC – Shuggy Milligan

Mixed: Prairie Sun Recording, Cotati, CA

Mixing engineer: Hopeton ‘Scientist’ Brown

Studio engineer: Noel Candis

Support: Fazal Prendergast

Mastered: Pacific Line Music, Vancouver, BC – Hari Singh Khalsa

Graphic design: Barbara Kennedy

Original painting of Clinton Fearon © 1999 Barbara Kennedy


Produced by Clinton Fearon

Publishing: Jamin’ International, BMI

© and1999 Boogie Brown Productions


Musicians and instruments:

Lead vocals: Clinton Fearon

Harmony vocals: Clinton Fearon, Barbara Kennedy

Keyboards: Barbara Kennedy

Guitar: Clinton Fearon



Drums: John Rodde

Bass: Lamar Lofton

Trumpet: Tom Marriott

Percussion: Clinton Fearon, John Rodde




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  • Stacie (Thursday, October 16 14 12:32 pm EDT)

    I want to buy this album as well as disturb the devil...then my collection is complete!!!
    Love you guys ALL from the bottom of my heart to the circumfrence of my soul. YOU ROCK!!

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